These Lotions For Dry Skin Will Moisturize Your Skin This Harmattan

With the harmattan season catching up with us real quick, our major problem areas are the elbows and knees.

These parts of the body are easily neglected and tend to get dry easily. To ensure that we add more grease to our elbows (and knees of course, lol) it’s vital to pay extra attention to our skin care products.

The harmattan weather tends to get not just very dry but also super hot. This means that thick butters and body lotions might not be the best choice for your skin. You’ll need a moisturizing lotion that’s both lightweight and contains the right amount of oils. This is to ensure that your pores are not clogged and your skin is not dried up and scaly.

We’ve put together a list of top skincare lotions for dry skin that work great for harmattan season. These products are also great if you generally have dry skin around your knees and elbows.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion

lotions for dry skin


Apart from the delicious fragrance which will have you hooked on it, this product is enriched with cocoa butter which will bring shine and lustre to your skin. It also contains Vitamin E which protects the skin from oxidation which causes the skin to dry out and appear dull. If this isn’t your harmattan season best friend, we don’t know what else will be.

Shop at N3000 here.

Shea Body Butter By The Body Shop

lotions for dry skin


We all know the natural goodness that is Shea butter. Filled with natural antioxidants and vitamins, it has amazing benefits for both hair and skin and can be found in every home. It’s not surprising that The Body Shop decided to make an amazing range of skin care lotions for dry skin, entirely from Shea butter. Only this time, they come with the most yummy, rich, earthy fragrance you can ever think of. So if you are skeptical about using raw Shea butter on your skin, this lotion is your answer.

Get body butter for N4,800 here.

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant

lotions for dry skin

(Photo: Amazon)

A lot of us grew up with the Vaseline brand in our homes. Over time, this brand has gone from producing just petroleum jelly products to giving us rich lotions that properly cater to our skin care needs. One variant which is perfect for the harmattan weather is the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant. The benefits of cocoa butter cannot be overemphasized. Perfect for erasing scars and marks and evening out skin tone, cocoa butter also has a rich, mouth-watering fragrance. Vaseline combines these benefits with added natural oils -which tackles dark spots- and the special Vaseline Stratys-3 Innovation (a patented technology that suspends moisture across skin layers). What more can you ask for?

Shop this for N3,400 here.

Apart from your elbows and knees, you also need to pay special attention to your heels and lips during the harmattan season. Do you battle with dry skin? What lotions for dry skin do you currently use?