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skincare products absorb into the skin

It might seem like there are so many rules when it comes to skincare but they’re all for the common good, to give us the flawless skin we all crave. Just like the answer to this question.

According to dermatologists, it takes about 30 minutes for skincare products to fully be absorbed into the skin. This means that if you decided to wash your face within 30 minutes of applying any product, you’d need to reapply.

If you’re layering your skincare products, you might also wonder how long you should wait between product applications. The good news is that you can apply your products in quick succession after the other. So you don’t need to wait for more than a few seconds. However, there is a right order to apply the products which is from thin to thick consistency.

skincare products absorb into the skin


Here are some things you can do to improve the efficacy of your skincare products:
  • Steam your skin regularly.
  • Increase the amount of product you apply, and the frequency with which you apply it. The idea is to get more of the concentration of active ingredients in the product. However, for products with acids, you can irritate the skin with too much use. So just stick to the instructions on the pack.
  • Apply products at night. Your body temperature is elevated at night, so your skincare products absorb better then. Also, your skin is being renewed when you sleep so you can say that your skincare products are being put to immediate use.

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