Acne? Things You Should Never Do When You Break Out


There are different organic and inorganic ways to deal with acne, clear acne scars and avoid scarring. But do you know there are things you should not do when you break out?

Don’t pick at it: When you constantly pick and rub your pimple, you end up pushing the plug of debris deeper into your skin. This makes it harder for the pimple to heal and can cause serious scarring. So next time that throbbing zit tries to lure you into touching it, resist it.

Don’t exfoliate too hard: Exfoliating when you have a breakout is good but when you constantly scrub and cleanse the affected area, you end up doing more harm than good. Vigorous scrubbing can aggravate inflammation and even irritate the skin so stick with gentle scrubs and do not for any reason use a sponge on your face.

Don’t waste money on magic cures: There are tons of supplements, herbs, vitamins and formulas that claim to permanently cure acne. But the truth is, there is no permanent cure for acne. These medications might only keep the breakouts in check but they do not fight the underlying causes of acne. This means that even after your acne has cleared, you will have to keep using the medication or else it will come back with full force. So don’t spend your money trying out one supplement after another.

Don’t let acne rule you: If care is not taken, acne can change the way you view yourself. You might become self-conscious, embarrassed, ashamed or even angry. It’s okay if you feel this way but do not let these feelings overwhelm you. Acne or not, you are beautiful and that’s all that matters. You are much more than your skin. You are a star and you are beautiful!

How do you treat your acne?


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