Woman Who Tied Up Her Daughter For Not Sweeping, Arrested (Photos)


A woman has been arrested by the vigilante group in her area for tying up her daughter because she refused to sweep.Facebook user Somto Okafor said he heard a child crying in a house in Awka, Anambra state. Upon investigation, he found a girl tied up with a rope. It was later discovered that her mother was the one who tied her up.

This led to massive outrage and the mother was arrested by the vigilante group in the area.

#Happening live
#TeamSaint rescued a little girl today by name Favour from ebonyi but lives in Awka ,anambra state,Her mother tied her because she didn’t sweep the house ……..
She was tied inside the house and before I had someone crying and I had to enter the compound and notice that a child was tied with a rope inside the house����
What a wicked world�‍♂️�‍♂️�‍♂️
Ndi mmadu sef,wicked mother ��e�
#For more detail call on 08133904349.

#TeamSaint calls for #justice
#Mothers like these are not meant to be in this world.
I finally fished out the woman and she is under vigilante group custody and we are on our way going to the CPS now
#Justice is all I want
#What a wicked mother…….
#For more details call on 08133904349


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