Top 10 Reasons Why You Failed An Online Interview



1.. Check your internet connection and data leading to poor connectivity during the interview.

  1. Test your audio and webcam quality before the interview. I recommend you use the Rode NT USB microphone for best sound quality.

  2. Research about the company interviewing you. For example, Exxon Mobil is an American oil company while Total is a French oil company. Both are oil companies but their standards differ so if you give Total the American standard and vice versa, you have automatically failed that interview.

  3. You totally forgot to look into the webcam instead of looking at the screen. If you watch Supersports, you’ll see the same mistake from football fans who call into the studio. If you do that in an interview, you have failed.

  4. You forgot to ban your siblings, wife, kids etc from coming into the room while the interview is going on. In fact, you are advised to lock the door to prevent anyone from coming in.

  5. Have a copy of your CV at hand during the interview.

  6. Close all other applications running at the background of your laptop. Some of those applications will drain your data, battery and even interfere with video quality while the interview is going on.

  7. Check the lighting in the room and position yourself against a plain background.

  8. You forgot to dress professionally because you feel it’s in your house, so, therefore, no need to appear smart. That’s the first thing the recruiter will check.

  9. Silence your cellphone, have a pen and paper at hand and also a glass of cold water to calm your nerves. There’s nothing wrong with drinking a glass of water in front of your recruiter. It helps boost confidence. Good luck with that next interview!

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