Eminem disses podcaster Lord Jamar on stage for criticizing his music


America hip-pop star, Eminem has taken several shots at Lord Jamar for criticizing his music.


The veteran rapper turned podcaster, who used to be a member of the group Brand Nubians has been critical of Eminem’s music, and recently has said that Eminem’s music was “overrated.”


During a concert in Abu Dhabi on Friday, October 25, Eminem, who was on the stage with his go-to man and producer, took a break to savagely reply Lord Jamar over his recent comment before continuing with his performance.


Eminem: “Mr Porter, I had a dream, I was a f*ckin nobody and sucked at rap, and then I wake up, you know who I was Mr. Porter?”

Mr.Porter: “Who?”

Eminem: “Lord Jamar”