I stopped seeing a man that asked me to give up my career on our first date – Toni Tones


Nollywood actress, Toni Tones has shared her encounter with a man that asked her to stop acting on their first date.Toni Tones revealed that that was their last date because he wanted her to give up her lifelong dream and career she spent years building with sweat and tears, so they can hangout.

She tweeted “I once met someone who on our first date, said to me “I hope you’re willing to give up this your career and i’ll set up a business for you. I travel a lot and I need my babe to be with me all the time. This one that you’re always very busy” That was also our last date.

“He basically wanted me to give up my my lifelong dream and career that I’ve spent years building with sweat and tears, so we could be ‘hanging out’. He didn’t understand why I wasn’t over the moon at the idea.”