See The Nigerians Who Committed Suicide In January 2020


The new year for many people is a time to start afresh and make plans for the year ahead but not many had the same thought. While some were planning to start the year, others chose to end their lives.

These are some Nigerians who have committed suicide in Januray 2020 below:

Bolufemi Motunrayo a Batch C youth corps member serving in Girls Secondary School, Ibagwa-Aka committed suicide on January 10. In her suicide note she said she sees nothing worth living for in this world

Abigail Felix:18 year old Abigail Felix was working as a househelp for a family in the Alausa, Ikeja area of Lagos state. She was said to have taken the deadly DD insecticide without leaving any suicide note.

Badmus Ololade Rafiat was a Nigerian student studying Medicine in Ukraine, she committed suicide on Thursday, January 16, 2020 after being frustrated by the school during her final year for an issue the school refused to help her solve.

Suicide is never an option. To Get help in Lagos state, call these numbers 08058820777 and 09030000741. You can ask questions, make inquiries and seek help from professionals early enough to allow for appropriate intervention.




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