Must Have Royal Blue Outfits In Your Wardrobe


We love royal blue and that is why we have carefully selected these royal blue outfits for you to pick from and let us know which of them you would be adding to your wardrobe this season.

It is very hard to go wrong with the royal blue color because you are sure to turn heads when you show up in them. A “royal blue” is a purplish-blue color, usually dark, and usually strong in chroma. Royal blue can represent superiority. It is called royal blue because it is an extremely rich blue.

Sometimes people get confused between navy blue and royal blue, so here is the difference. In terms of value, navy blue is very dark almost black whereas royal blue is a few steps lighter. In terms of chroma, navy blue is weak, whereas royal blue is a few steps lighter. Royal is a brighter shade, navy darker shade.

So here are some royal blue outfits below.


Inidima or Kefilwe?

Olarslim or Ariyiikedimples?

For events, see the dresses below:



Enado Odigie

Which is your favorite?

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