‘If US Fails To Contain The Spread Of Coronavirus, It Would Be A Disaster For The World’


Beijing’s chief medical advisor on the novel coronavirus has questioned the US governments’ abilities to fight the pandemic amid a tit-for-tat row between the two nations over the global emergency.

Epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan claimed he worried about what would happen in America, adding ‘the problem of the US will be the problem of the world’, according to reports.

He warned of a looming global disaster if the killer bug continues to spread at the current rate. He urged the US authorities to enforce stricter lockdown measures.

More than a million people across the world have contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and over 53,000 have died of it.

He claimed that a soaring number of patients would create a burden on medical resources, leading to ‘a vicious circle’ in nations’ attempts to control the crisis.

‘In particular in some big country, once it cannot stop the spreading, it will bring a disaster of the whole world,’ he urged.

‘None of the countries will be safe and exempted. This is what worries me the most.’

He stressed that draconian quarantine measures, social distancing rules and an order for the public to wear face masks were the best ways to fight the virus.