Is The Handshake Dead Because Of COVID-19?


Is the handshake dead because of COVID-19? Shaking hands is the usual way of saying hello or gretting someone but is it now a thing of the past?

Should handshake be replaced with the traditional greeting with bowing, according to one scientist who argued Britain needs a more ‘Japanese approach’.

A cultural shift is definitely needed to stop a second wave and this would mean fewer or no hand shakes and less kissing.

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Professor Peter Piot, a microbiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, added: ‘Shaking hands is probably out forever.’

Professor Piot said that individual behaviour needs to change in order to combat coronavirus and the possibility of other epidemics.

Do you think handshake is now a thing of the past? Do you still shake people? Is the Japanese way of bowing the best way to go about it?

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