Man Uses His Armpit Juice In Preparing Food (Video)


A video has gone viral of a man making food on a road side using his armpit juice to prepare the food. This looks irritating and there is no explanation on why he does this.

The food looks like puff puff or something close but would you eat a food prepared this way?

It might be very tasty because for a man to have the boldness to do this publicly, there must be something to it.

If you understand what the person talking says, please transcribe.


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Armpit juice will make this shit sweet. He’s a good cook. ?: @kerwinclaibornee

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This is definitely not hygienic. Would you eat this?




  1. Are you an idiot in saying there is no explanation why he does this. You can clearly see he hasn’t got an arm and he needs to compress those items before throwing in the oil, so he is using his armpit for compression and not for adding juice.

  2. kadiri amp kakainin mo ba yang pagkain na galing sa sa kilikili ng taong yan parang d pa naliligo kahit wala syang isang kamay may iba pa naman paraan para ma compress nya yang pag kain nayan kadiri ampota!

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