Meet Dr. Stella Emmanuel, Who Claims She Has Treated Over 300 People From Coronavirus With No Casualties


Dr. Stella Emmanuel is an American front line doctor who is currently trending online due to her viral video about the cure for coronavirus.

From the steps of the US Supreme Court, a group of doctors calling themselves ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’, held a press conference on July 27.

In the almost 45-minute video, physicians from around the country addressed the public about Covid-19 and a “massive disinformation campaign” which according to them, is keeping businesses closed and schools planning to remain closed this coming September. Among other things, the event termed the “first White Coat Summit,” has listed that it will address topics such as ‘medical cancel culture,’ ‘lockdowns,’ ‘HCQ,’ and ‘Follow the Money’.

However, what stood out the most was their advocacy for the hydroxychloroquine. Some of the doctors addressing the public have stated that unnecessary deaths have occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr Stella Immanuel, a primary care physician from Houston, declared there is a “cure” for Covid-19, while another said that hydroxychloroquine’s use is “being blocked because of politics” and recommended that it be made available “over-the-counter.

Meanwhile, Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube are censoring and removing videos of the Covid-19 press conference led by doctors on Capitol Hill.