Nigerian photographer leaves suicide note on Twitter


A Nigerian photographer has left a suicide note on Twitter, and according to his post, he must have been dead by the time people read it.

In the Twitter post, the Nigerian man identified as @ayofilmworks said he has been depressed since when he was 16 years old.

He wrote;

“hi, by the time a majority of y’all read this, i’ll be dead.
i took my life at a gun range.
it was swift and virtually painless; aimed right for my medulla. I’m sorry to those who have loved me while i lived, and i wish i had reciprocated your efforts equally.

no it wasn’t anything spiritual/magical/mystical, and pls don’t try to make it out to be.
that annoying speculation is literally part of what kept me from seeking help from my own family.
everything always boiled down to prayer and spirits.
no real help.

i’ve been depressed since 16 yrs old and it just never let go. seeing the way they reacted to the mental health issues of others (mocking/dismissing depression as a joke or passing feeling) really discouraged me from EVER speaking to them regarding what i was going through.

please don’t make any funky photoshop wing edits of me. i’ll personally come back to life and slap you.
(these are scheduled tweets btw, i’m not tweeting from the afterlife… be a lot cooler if i was tho)”

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