See The Nollywood Actress Who Almost Committed Suicide After She Was Raped


Comedian and actress, Steph Isuma popularly known as calabar chic has shared her story after she was raped. She recalled how she nearly ended her life after she was raped in an interview with Sun News.

She said:

“It was just a burden I had carried for so many years. I was depressed for years of my life. I survived it. At a point, I tried committing suicide but I survived it. I’m actually creating awareness for people to know the effect of this thing called Rape. Another reason why I put it out there was to encourage victims that they are not alone, that indeed the people they look up to also go through stuffs.
We also encourage others to speak out because if we don’t speak out these things would continue. We would have to change the rape culture in Nigeria; reduce rape apologies, stop shunning victims when they speak up for themselves, so that rape issues can reduce.”