Who Else Has A Zoom Shirt?


This is the era of Zoom meetings due to the pandemic the world is presently battling with. Do you have a Zoom shirt? A Zoom shirt is any professional jacket, shirt or blouse you wear for your virtual meetings without really bothering about your trousers or skirts?

Zoom shirt is popular amongst workers looking for a quick way to look good for their video meetings. The intention is just to look good with the tops which are captured during video calls and care less about the pants or skirts. You’ve been there before? Lol

Some people might say, why maintain professional attires when we are all in the same position from home? I mean, brush your hair and maybe not wear pyjamas…but no need for me to look “professional” from home. That’s what they believe but this depends on the kind of organization you work for.

Others might have 1-2 Zoom “jackets” with their company’s branding on them that they will quickly slip on before calls if they feel a bit underdressed and want to look “professional yet casual.”

What’s your go-to garment for meetings?

Do you have a zoom shirt? Yes or no?

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