YouTube star, Nicole Thea, died with her unborn baby after she suffered suspected heart attack


Pregnant British YouTube star, Nicole Thea died along with her unborn son from a suspected massive heart attack just weeks to her due date, her family said today.

The famous dancer, 24,  who was eight months pregnant with son Reign passed away at home in Hexborough, Yorkshire, on Saturday morning, July 11, after complaining to her Ghanaian boyfriend Global Boga that she was having difficulties breathing and was suffering chest and back pains.

Two days before her death, she told her followers on Instagram in a clip posted on July 1 that : “I’m more emotional. Literally, I could be fine one minute and then the next second I’m crying. “I’m having a good pregnancy, but emotions are just too much. I’m so out of breath 24/7. I would walk from here to the end of the room and feel like I’m dying

“I feel like the baby’s eating me.”

Her uncle has now revealed that the family believes she suffered a cardiac arrest.

Speaking in an interview with MailOnline, Charles Murray said: ‘From what I heard at the moment, we think she had a massive heart attack.

‘She had it in her house and she was telling her partner that she had pains in her chest and her back.

‘Nicole was saying that she was struggling to breathe. She was struggling with her chest – she had a pain in her chest.

‘It is so surreal as she was so young. It is such a shock. It has really, really shaken us all up.’

Mr Murray said his niece was a dancer and had no known health issues.


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