Can YOU spot which meal is healthier? Dietitian shares photos of her identical meals – with a difference of 530 calories


A dietitian has revealed the simple swaps you can make to cut the calories in your lunch in half, without even noticing the changes. 

Paula Norris, from Brisbane, explained that dishes that look very similar can vary by hundreds of calories due to how much of each ingredient is used.

Posting to Instagram, where she has more than 112,000 followers, the nutrition expert shared how a simple salad with chicken and rice can be cut from 900 to 600 calories by substituting some of the meat for black beans, and having a smaller portion of higher calorie ingredients such as avocado.

See what the meals contain below:

Paula added that the meal on the left contains a staggering 900 calories, while the one on the left boasts just 600 calories.

The differences between the meals include varying amounts of chicken breast, black beans, rice, avocado and pumpkin seeds.


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