It was difficult not being intimate with Kiddwaya in our first night in the head of house lounge – Erica tells Tolanibaj


Erica has revealed some of the challenges she faced in her first night in the Head of House lounge with Kiddwaya who she choose as her Deputy Head of House.


In a conversation with Tolanibaj during the work-out session this morning, Erica revealed that it was difficult not having sex with Kiddwaya last night which was their first night in the lounge.


She further revealed that the physical attraction made it so difficult and she kept looking at the cameras to remind herself of where she was.


Here is the video;



This is coming after Kiddwaya asked her why she thinks he doesn’t have her back just like Laycon. Asides telling her that she is always going to be in his life, the Benue-born reality show star also told Erica that he can’t imagine not caring about her whether they have a relationship or not.

Here is the video below;