How I Got My Curvy Body – Comedienne, Real Warri Pikin Finally Speaks


Popular Nigerian comedienne Anita Asuoha, affectionately called Real Warri Pikin has finally broken silence on how she got her massive body curves.

In a conversation with Punch, Real Warri Pikin revealed that she got her curves after she gave birth to her children as she added weight during the time.

“Childbirth gave me all my curves; it was after I had kids that I gained weight. I have never been shy of my curvy body. I love it and I have also been working on it so that I can be fit.

I have been experiencing knee pains lately and that’s why I’m keeping fit. The plan is not to go skinny because I still love to be a ‘thick madam.’

“I am a fan of originality because I know that if you are original, you will do things effortlessly. Many people do certain things to stay relevant and it works for some of them. It also depends on your personality and the version of yourself that you’re selling.

For example, I cannot present myself as a sexy person so much so that I will start wearing skimpy things and twerking online. My followers will be shocked because my brand does not depict that. But for some people, that is what resonates with them.