The Total money Laycon won from BBNaija is over N85Million. See the actual amount


Laycon as we all know is the winner of Big Brother naija lockdown season 5. The estimated amount he won from the Big Brother naija season 5 is N85m but it is not the total amount he won during the Big Brother Naija Show.

He had won in so many tasks and sponsored advertisement for many brands and companies during his stay in the house before he was crowned the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5.

See the breakdown of Laycon’s wins in the house.

1. Amatem Task – N117,000

The Amatem Task was for different teams to do a short drama to promote Amatem Malaria Drug.

Laycon was among the team who won the Amatem Task at the prize of 700,000. He was in Team 2 and they were six in the team. Sharing the 700k among them, Laycon should get approximately N117,000.

2. Kuda Task – N111,110

Kuda Task was a promotion task for the kuda Microfinance Bank.

Laycon wasn’t among the winners but he was in Team Free Bank Transfers which shared 1million Naira with Team No Fee Charges. The money was shared among him and other 8 housemates.

3. Hawaii Task – N400,000

Hawaii Task was for the different teams to do a short presentation on Hawaii beauty products. Laycon was among the Team Carrot who won the task at the prize of 2Million which would be shared among him and four other housemates N400,000 each.

4. Tom Tom Task – 250,000

The Tom Tom Task was for the different teams to create a jingle advertisement for Tom Tom sweets.

Laycon was in Team Cool which came first with the winning prize of 1Million Naira. The money would be shared among the four participants in Team Cool.

5. Revolution Plus Properties Task – N250,000

The task was for the different teams to do words puzzle and make a house card.

Team Victoria’s Court and Garden which was Laycon’s team was among the two winners. The Team Victoria’s Court and Garden which consists of four housemates including Laycon would share 1Million Naira amongst them.

6. Airtel Task

Laycon was among the team 2 who won Airtel Task of 2 Million Naira although the money wouldn’t be given to them but would be donated to any organization of their choice.

7. Indomie Task – N285,000

After the Indomie Task, all housemates was rewarded 4 Million Naira. That’s N285,000 for Laycon.

8. ShowMax Task

The game of thrones team(Laycon’s Team) as we all know won the showmax task. He was rewarded with a smart flat screen TV and a one year free showmax subscription. He didn’t get cash anyways but he was among the winning team.

9. Waw Task – N333,330

On completion of the Waw task, Laycon’s team (Team Colourful) made up of three housemates won and was awarded 1 Million Naira which would be shared amongst three of them and also a one year supply of home care products.

Travel Beta Task – N250,000

On completion of the Travel BetaTask Laycon’s team (Team Calabar) made up of four housemate won and was awarded 1 million naira which would be shared amongst four of them.

Guinness Smooth Challenge – N250,000

Laycon’s Team emerged winner at the prize of 2 Million Naira after the Guinness Smooth Challenge. The team consisted of 8 housemates making it N250,000 for each housemate.

Johnny Walker Task – N1,000,000

Laycon’s Team emerged winner after the Johnny Walker Task. Luckily, they were given a million naira each and an all expense paid trip to Scotland.

Flutter wave Task – N500,000

Laycon’s Team (Team Payment Link) emerged winner after the task. Laycon and Ozo who was in the same team won 1Million Naira which would be shared between them at N500,000 each.

Betway MAD Task – N250,000

Laycon’s Team (Team Sports Development) won the betway MAD Task at the prize of N500,000 which would be shared between him and Ozo.

Betway Trivia Task – N500,000

Laycon’s Team emerged winner after the Betway Trivia Task at the prize of 1Million which would be shared between him and Dorathy. They would also have a date with Don Jazzy, the popular Nigerian Producer.

Lipton Ice Tea Task- N1,000,000

Laycon who was among the five finalists of Big Brother Naija season 5 before he eventually won was rewarded 1 million Naira for doing Lipton Ice Tea presentations well. The other finalists also got 1million Naira each for making a nice presentation. They would also be a brand influencer for Lipton ice tea for one year.

Having seen Laycon’s wins and achievements while in the house, it’s obvious he didn’t win only 85 Million Naira but also a whooping amount of N5,496,440 and other expense paid trips.

In conclusion, the total amount of money Laycon won and went home with is approximately 90.5 Million Naira.

Congratulations to Laycon!

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