You Will Slowly Go Blind When Doing These 3 Things


Going blind is one of the greatest nightmare in life that nobody ever wants to experience.  However, some of the things we do can lead to the loss of eyesight overtime most times, unknowingly to us.

In this article, we have compiled some things that people do that might eventually lead to blindness

  1. Looking at the sun rays

If you are someone that has the habit of looking at the sunset, you have to consider stopping it.

Looking at the sun rays for a very long time can result to partial blindness.

When you over expose your eyes to the sun rays, the eye cornea will slowly burn causing blindness

  1. Smoking

Smoking can lead to blindness. The smoke from cigarettes contains a lot of harmful chemicals that affects the blood vessels as well as affecting the ocular cells. Also, smokers are highly prone to macular degeneration which night lead to blindness. They are also prone to having cataracts.

  1. Sleeping with your contact lenses

Whenever you sleep with your contact lenses still on, your deprive your eyes from having maximum oxygen which affects the effectiveness of the cornea thereby leading to blindness.

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