11years After The Death Of Michael Jackson, See What His Kids Have Become (Photos)


We lost a great and mighty singer Michael Jackson to hands of death, R. I. P Man, it is no longer news on how he passed away and how he was buried


Michael Jackson has 3 loveable kids before he passed although some are from different mother.

Meet Jackson kids

1.Prince Joseph Michael Jackson Jr

He is the oldest amongst all Jackson kids born in 1997, he was the son of jackson second wife Debbie Rowe

Joseph is not in to music and doesn’t dance like his father he said he doesn’t have that gene. He is into acting, his an actor

2. Paris Michael Jackson

Born on April 1998 from jackson ex wife Debbie Rowe, Paris Jackson is all grown up and I currently 22years of age

She is into acting and gained fame after the death of her father. It was reported that they usually where mask when there father was alive.

Prince Michael Jackson (3rd child)

Born on February 21,2002 though his mother is not made known Prince prefer being called ‘big I’ due to many bullies

Currently he attends Burkley school and is into martial arts and video games

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