Chacha Eke-Faani addresses her brother, Georgina Onuoha and Victoria Inyama for getting involved in her marriage issue; they respond


Chacha Eke-Faani has addressed her brother IK Eke, Georgina Onuoha, and Victoria Inyama after they expressed concern for her online following her outcry that her marriage was over.

Chacha, who has come out now to say she was acting out based on a mental health problem now diagnosed as bipolar disorder, said her colleagues – Georgina Onuoha and Victoria Inyama – who expressed concern for her have nothing to worry about.

When Chacha released a follow-up video attempting to clear her husband’s name after she insinuated she was leaving him for fear of her life, Victoris Inyama believed she was simply trying to cover up for him and released a post stating that domestic abuse will make any woman doubt her sanity.

In a new video posted to YouTube, Chacha made it known to Georgina Onuoha and Victoria Inyama that she is fine and they have no reason to keep worrying about her.

She also slammed her brother, IK Eke after he released series of posts saying his sister is not bipolar and is simply trying to cover up for an abusive husband.

Chacha told her brother to stop spreading falsehood. She accused him of “putting fire where there’s none and creating doubt.”

She stated that she hasn’t seen her brother in almost 2 years.


“The last time I saw him was on May 12, 2019,” she said.

She added that for years, even before marrying her husband, there had been an “age-long strain” between her and her family members and her brother is simply trying to cause problems now. She asked him to stop it because it’s not “cute”.

She went on to narrate what happened on the day she released the viral video that gave Nigerians cause for concern. She said she had not taken her bipolar drugs for 3 days and was rather flushing them down the toilet.

She added that when her husband mentioned it to her, she got angry, called him out and raced to a bank to withdraw money and then to a call service centre to retrieve an old phone line she had destroyed herself.

Her brother reacted to her video by promising to stay out of her business.

He wrote on his Instagram Stories: “I believe those that said I should fight for my sister will chill now? You can’t save who does not want to be saved!

“You haven’t seen me for 2 years wow! When next drama pops up I’ll sit with the audience and enjoy the view. Enjoy the bipolar.”

Georgina Onuoha reacted, writing: “My darling Chacha .. it’s good to hear from you and to know you are holding up well. What a relief it is. Yes I was worried to death for you after seeing your initial post.

“As one who managed a psychiatric hospital.. I saw so many signs of stress and trauma/fear. Be that as it may, it gladdens my heart to hear directly from you and to know all is well.

“Victoria Inyama and I were worried for your wellbeing and safety. Reaching out was born out of love for you and the distress call you posted previously. Take good care of you, please get enough rest as much as you can. I wish you nothing but a speedy recovery. Cheers.”