Davido used SARS to arrest someone and the person has not been seen since then – Kemi Olunloyo


Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has alleged that famous singer, Davido, used SARS to arrest someone and the person has not been seen since then.

She disclosed this in a thread she posted via her official Twitter handle today, October 5.

According to the self acclaimed investigative journalist, the said missing person used to be an upcoming artiste under Davido.

Writing further, she disclosed that a misunderstanding ensued between the said person and Davido’s crew.

Kemi noted that during the misunderstanding which led the artiste to destroy properties in Davido’s “old Awosika house”, Davido phoned the Nigeria Police who sent some SARS officials and the artiste was bundled out but has gone missing since then.

Kemi said after the artiste’s family searched for him at SARS office and even nearby prisons without seeing their son, they declared him missing.

She tweeted… “Davido is not responsible for Lil Frosh’s attack on his girlfriend. However may be responsible for finding what happened to an upcoming artist that went missing in his care.
@PoliceNG needs to open an investigation on the SARS that reportedly came to his old Awosika house.

This is why David Adeleke should not get involved in any SARS advocacy and resolve this.
@GovWike partnered with David on grooming artists from Rivers State. Not one artist was unveiled in DMW till date. A Rivers artist went missing after being arrested by SARS in Lagos.

I investigated Davido and this incident and it is serious and needs to be escalated by
This upcoming artist who I won’t name to protect his family had a meltdown at Adeleke’s Awosika residence. The video showed him going off at Davido and everyone on the compound.

His family in Port Harcourt contacted me then asking for help saying he was MISSING. They said Davido and his crew ALLEGEDLY barricaded themselves inside and the video leaked to me showed this boy screaming profanities at Davido. Next he was smashing car windows. Crisis escalated

Davido reportedly called @PoliceNG to send help. This boy was visibly destroying property. To me he needed psychiatric care ASAP & whatever issue he had with Adeleke could be resolved later. He also looked impaired. The cops arrived and were SARS and that’s where the tape ends.

I told them what they needed to do. They contacted
@PoliceNG in the area, cops said he was never brought to their station and that they should go to Lagos SARS station. The family were also told at SARS that they should check the prison(s) and he was not in Kirikiri or Ikoyi

After checking everywhere, their son was declared missing in the hands of tactical police officers at SARS. His sister’s last email to me mentioned that someone told her that SARS perform extrajudicial killings of armed robbers which the govt banned in the new police bill. TRUE!

My last email to her was that he may have been eliminated. Learned from being at Port Harcourt SARS 2017 after being abducted in the Ibiyeomie case. That line after they were done executing armed robbers behind my cell. Families arrived looking for young men. Check prison etc

One lady’s son stole a car with a friend and they were brought in late, the next day they were taken out to be processed at the front desk. Next you hear shots all over the compound, they are executed, no court process, I told one mother I saw their son. He’s dead! Killed!Coffin

@Davido in the spirit of your late mother & your own son. Go to @GovWike @JokeSanwoolu @jidesanwoolu @rrslagos767 @PoliceNG AND OPEN AN INVESTIGATION of what happened to your artist and hold SARS accountable Speaking head in silhouetteAngry face This is somebody’s son.
#EndSARSBrutality #EndPoliceBrutality Woman police officerOncoming police car”

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