‘Nigeria won’t end me’ – Last tweet of young man, Oke killed by stray bullet


A promising young man, Oke-Obi Enadhuze has had his life cut short after he was killed by a straybullet to his neck hours after tweeting ‘Nigeria wont end me’.

Earlier today, Oke tweeted this and shortly after he was gone.

His heartbroken girlfriend heard the news on social media

She called for help but it was too late.

She also tweeted that her late boyfriend wanted to be a designer and they had forever to go.

Oke is one amongst the several Nigerians that have been killed after the hoodlums took over the protest and hurt and injured several Nigerians who started a peaceful protest.

You will recall that President Buhari had promised to protect Nigerians.

This was how it ended for Oke, RIP



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