Ginimbi’s Friends Donate Food And Money At Moana’s Funeral After Pleas For Help


Friends of the late Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi, have stepped up to donate food and money, to help towards the expenses of Mitchell Amuli aka Moana’s funeral wake.

Ginimbi’s friends donated food & US$3000 towards Moana’s funeral in Highfield Tuesday evening.

The group included Chief Jose, Chief Albert, Brian Nyanyiwa, Ronald Muzambe, Dino Tumbare and Brighton Bako.

This follows amid please for help after it emerged on social media, that Moana’s family was financially stranded and needed all the help they could, in ensuring that the funeral proceedings went well.

The message read

To all friends of Moana..

Regrettable on Sunday we all woke up to gruesome images/videos of Moana’s demise. It is under these circumstances that the family has asked me to make a public appeal to you all for help of any form or kind so they can give her a good and decent send off… Anyone willing to help the family please reach them through her friend Lin +263 78 477 9561 . She will give you finer details on how to go about it.

No amount is too little, Thank you


While Ginimbi died after he was pulled from the accident, Moana and the other two were burnt beyond recognition in the inferno that followed after the car exploded.

Images by Hmetro


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