Ginimbi’s Will: Heir Apparent To The US$600k Lamborgini Revealed


There have been new revelations regarding the last will of the late businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure and a potential storm is brewing as there is no official document serving as a will. According to Ginimbi’s Father, he died a day before he was supposed to sign the will.

State media reports that the Master’s Office at the High court has called for a meeting of close relatives and potential beneficiaries to be held on Wednesday. The Master’s Office seeks to map a way forward involving the estate of the late businessmen as the submitted will is unsigned and could be contested in court.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Ginimbi left his estate in the hands of a trust – his Domboshava Mansion is to be turned into a Hotel or museum, all his cars to be sold and the proceeds to go to charity, his designer clothes to be burned and an unidentified individual called “KIT KAT” is set to inherit Kadungure’s Lamborghini vehicle.

Mr. Nomatter Zinyengere, a man who claims to be Ginimbi’s best friend is believed to be pushing for the unsigned will to be registered at the High Court. Zinyengere could be the unidentified heir apparent to the Lamborghini. According to investigations by The Herald, Mr. Zinyengere is identified as the director of a South African registered company called KAT Group.

The custodians of the unsigned will, Ranros Estate Administrators, wrote to the Master’s Office at the high court seeking the court’s acceptance of the unsigned will.

The deceased died before signing his last will. We are therefore kindly asking your office to urgently convene a meeting with all beneficiaries so that you can accept the will and issue the court sealed letters of administration.

The deceased had a running business in Botswana and it stopped operations on November 9, 2020. The laws of that country require the estate to be reported to the Master of High Court within 14 days so that operations will resume.

The major fear of the beneficiaries is that the business partners of the deceased in Botswana might take advantage and vandalize the assets of the deceased,” reads part of the letter.

This request was, however, not granted as the Office of the Master through a letter signed by K F Chigomararwa, said the matter was not urgent and that family members and potential beneficiaries attend a meeting on Wednesday.

We are, however, not convinced by the reason, given that a company is a separate legal persona from its owner, and that same is usually run by directors. Thus, in our view, the death of the shareholder or a director does not necessarily affect the day-to-day running of a company.

We, however, will convene the inquiry, with regards to the will on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, at 11.30 am at this office, before the undersigned.

Depending on the outcome of the inquiry, the issue of executorship may also be discussed.

Kindly notify the deceased’s family and interested parties of the said meeting so that they may attend,” reads the response.

Ginimbi died on the spot on November 8 along Borrowdale Road in Harare when his over-speeding Rolls Royce collided head-on with a Honda Fit and hit a tree before bursting into flames. Among the fatalities were three of Ginimbi’s Friends Moana, Karim, and Alichia who were trapped in the car and burnt beyond recognition.

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