Rapper Mo3 shot dead on Dallas highway. Watch his last moment in viral footage


Dallas Rapper MO3 was shot dead on a highway in broad daylight. Video footage of MO3’s last moment before dying has gone viral.

Police said the incident began as the victim was traveling on northbound I-35E at Clarendon Drive just before 12 p.m. A suspect got out of a vehicle armed with a gun and began approaching the victim’s vehicle, according to police. Police did not say if the vehicles had been stopped.

Police said the victim, who sources identified as 28-year-old Noble, also got out of his vehicle and began running southbound on the freeway. The suspect chased the victim and fired multiple rounds at him, striking the victim at least once, police said.

According to police, an innocent bystander who was inside his vehicle was also struck by the gunfire.

Both victims were taken to a hospital, where sources said Noble was pronounced dead.

Police said the innocent bystander was treated for apparent non-life-threatening injuries.

The viral footage shows doctors performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on MO3 as he lays lifeless on the highway. At the moment there is no word on who shot and killed MO3.



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