See the last post of Celebrity Big Brother’s star, Heavy D before his death


Celebrity Big Brother star Heavy D was tormented on his phone with constant mystery calls and messages in the days leading up to his death

The former Storage Hunters UK buyer, 47, who had been ‘missing for two weeks’ had complained of being bombarded repeatedly.

He spoke out while he was in Essex on November 14 visiting a friend, after leaving London.


In an animated shout at the camera he said: ‘You know those people right, yeah, as soon as they’ve got your number, they just ring you non-stop, whatsapp you, every five minutes.

‘F****** hell, alright you’ve got my number, doesn’t mean you’ve got to f***** wear it out.

‘Every five minutes, alright what’s happening, you alright, I just spoke to you ten minutes ago, what the f*** do you want?’

Today his ex girlfriend Bryony Harris, who had a child with him, said she was beside herself with grief at the news of his death.

She wrote: ‘Heartbroken. I loved this man we argued we hated each other but we had love at one point and a beautiful daughter rest in peace you silly thing.’

His brother, David Newell, told MailOnline: ‘He was a larger than life character and we will really miss him.

‘We only heard this morning that he was dead and are still processing it. We’re all having a drink to remember him because that’s how he would have wanted it.’

The large family gathered at Mr Newell’s North London home to enjoy a drink and share fond memories of Heavy D.

Mr Newell revealed that Heavy D was found dead at his North London home by one of his brothers but would not reveal his name.

He said: ‘I hadn’t heard from Heavy D for about two weeks. Normally he’s constantly on social media but he wasn’t posting anything and that’s what got us worried.

‘He hadn’t gone missing, he was just holed up at home not contacting anyone.’

Mr Newell revealed that after becoming concerned about Heavy D one of the brothers went to check on him, finding him dead on Wednesday morning.

He added: ‘I got a call at about 11am and I’m still trying to come to terms with it. I can’t believe he’s gone.

‘It’s going to take a long time to sink in. Heavy D was a colourful character and a big part of our family. He had a lot to say and had a lot of energy. His death has left a big hole in our lives.’


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