Brazil cops are caught shooting two men on a motorcycle before dumping their bodies by the side of the road and claiming they ‘fell off’ (Photos)


A surveillance camera mounted on a building in the Rio de Janeiro city of Belford Roxo captured the horrifying moment a police officer opened fire on two men aboard a motorcycle, hours before their bodies were found dumped on a street Saturday morning.

Military Police Private Jorge Custódio and Corporal Júlio Ferreira were arrested Sunday in connection with the murders of Jordan Natividade, 18, and Edson Arguinez Jr., 20.

The agents had lied in an incident report and said they did not shoot at the men. They claimed that they had released them from custody before the bodies were found.

Jordan Natividade was found naked and his jaw was fractured, according to his family

Edson Arguinez Jr. (pictured) and his friend Jordan Natividade attended a barbecue together

The video showed the cops standing next to their patrol vehicle approximately 1:10am when Custódio used his rifle to shoot at the victims as they rode by.

Natividade and Arguinez Jr. fell to the ground and Custódio is seen walking over and kicking Natividade in the head while Ferreira aims his rifle at them.

The driver of a vehicle that was stationed behind the patrol unit then drove off. Video footage showed Custódio guiding Arguinez Jr. to the sidewalk while Ferreira aimed his rifle at Natividade, who crawled on his back.

A second surveillance video shows the moment one of the agents handcuffed Natividade and walked him away.

The video camera that captured the shooting showed Ferreira riding off on the motorcycle, followed Custódio who drove the patrol car with both men in the back seat.

The lifeless bodies of Natividade and Arguinez Jr. were discovered in the Belford Roxo neighborhood of Babi on Saturday afternoon. Their bodies showed signs of violence and gunshots

According to Brazilian news site UOL, Natividade’s family learned through the police department’s forensic staff that teenager was found naked and that his jaw had been broken.

Investigators discovered the cops lied on their incident report, claiming Natividade and Arguinez Jr. had fallen off the motorcycle and wrote on their shift log that they never opened fire. However, the video footage showed otherwise.

Jordan Natividade was buried on Monday afternoon in the Rio de Janeiro city of Belford Roxo

Ronan Santana said that Natividade, his nephew, had been at a barbecue with friends earlier in the night that he had gone with Arguinez Jr. to meet their female acquaintances.

‘We think the police are on the streets to protect us,’ Santana said. ‘They took the lives of two boys, who had no way to defend themselves. My nephew was a playful, cheerful kid.’

Natividade and Arguinez Jr. were buried Monday afternoon.