Lady who accused Justin UG of statutory rape, has now come out to say they are false


A lady who earlier accused influencer Justin UG of rape has come out to deny the incident which saw the media personality lashed online.

A twitter user @mamiwaterrr shared the conversation with the accuser below:

More below:

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Story for the gods, they threatened her, they always do that, especially if the person has a strong backup

Someone summarize I get headache

I really wish there is a jail term for false accusations which kin thing be this… And I’m in no support of rape or abuse of any kind

I knew something was not right… Wether dem want use am promote the movie, na them sabi but all the same sha ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH

Seems like Justin U team is creating these scenarios to cast doubt on this young woman’s story.
If he was wrongly accused why didn’t he deny it in his Snapchat private messages to her. Why say he was young and made a mistake? Why did he question why she’s coming out with the story, and that coming out now will affect his life now that his movie just came out?
These devils in skirts that are willing to destroy other women even when women all face the same experience. There is a special place in hell for these kinds of women who always are at the forefront of damage control for rapists and pedophiles.

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