11-year-old boy, Don Davis who was molested at Deeper Life High school, shares his story


Eleven-year-old student of the Deeper Life High School, Akwa Ibom, Don Davis, has shared details of how he was allegedly assaulted and molested by staff and students of the school.

In a Facebook live with his mum, Don Davis said he began to suffer physical assault from one of the teachers because he was bedwetting

”When I got to Deeper Life school, because I bedwet, Mr Akpan uses belt on me. He uses any thing he sees, even if it is iron, belt, or he can even use stone. Because I bedwet, they transferred me from JS1 dormotery to SS1 dormitory.

There were two boys named Ola and Shalom, they used to put their hands inside my anus, bring out feaces and then use that same hand to beat me. For two weeks I did not have my bath”


When asked why he didn’t report the assault to the school authorities, Don Davis said Ola and Shalom, both SS1 students, threatened to kill him if he should ever report them.


”They said they would kill me if I report” he said


Watch the video below