Bodybuilder who worked out twice a day dies from Covid ahead of his wedding after being put into coma on Christmas Day


A ‘super fit’ father-of-one who worked out twice a day has died from Covid-19 after being put into a coma on Christmas Day.

Anthony Williams, 46, from Bridgend, South Wales, would work out twice a day and had previously taken part in bodybuilding contests but was laid low by the virus.

His friends said they were shocked when they learned Anthony, who passed away earlier this month ahead of his wedding day, had been placed in an induced coma.

Andrew Follant said: ‘I have known Anthony since he was 19 and he’s always been such a health freak.

‘He probably spent more time in the gym than his own house. He’d be on his cross trainer for 20 minutes every morning and then again every night.

‘He used to do bodybuilding. He’d eat seven or eight meals a day of chicken and rice – his regime was unbelievable. He’d have one ‘cheat meal’ a week and that was it.

‘I never would have thought in a month of Sundays that someone like him would become that ill, let alone die, from coronavirus.’

Anthony and partner Nicki had been forced to postpone their wedding in 2020 and were due to tie the knot later this year.

He worked for industrial electronic and automation repair company Kontroltek where his friend Andrew was managing director.

Andrew said: ‘Having known Anthony for over 25 years we have shared many memories, We have laughed together and we have cried together.

‘I am mourning his death greatly – he was more than an employee to me. Anthony was a loyal friend who I could trust and often seek advice in.

‘I’m forever grateful for knowing him as I’m sure many who have crossed paths with him are too.

‘This tragic loss is only another reminder of how truly evil this virus is.’

Friends have now rallied round to support partner Nikki and his 10-year-old daughter Elise and an online fundraiser had generated almost £3,000, at the time of writing.

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