Reactions as Tunde Ednut’s newly opened Instagram account got suspended after hitting 1M followers


Tunde Ednut‘s newly opened Instagram page has disappeared shortly after he hitting 1million followers. He promised to give a follower a car when he hits 1 million followers.

Sadly the account was taken down by Instagram again shortly after hitting that mark. Many people have gone online to react to the news.

See reactions below:


Omoooooooo I thought as much he should have just calm d fuvk down Abeg


Omo x10000000 i saw it since 15mins ago, i was thinking he blocked me


They are really out to get this guy


Person when never come back e done start to insult people up and down… I hope say na him just deactivate am himself as stunt


The “king” didn’t stay for too long???

Instagram: But you said you hit 1 million in 3 days.
Tunde Ednut: Yes I did, check it again.
Instagram: But we can’t access the account any longer.
Tunde Ednut reach 1m follower them suspend am again. Instagram waited for Tunde Ednut to hit 1M followers and boom, they took his account again
Instagram 2-0 Tunde.


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