Uber driver warns passenger not to ‘talk to him anyhow’ after he asked him to turn on AC


An Uber passenger has narrated his experience with an Uber driver after he asked him if he had AC in his car and how he was told not to talk to him anyhow.

See his post below:

From the passengers narration of the story, he didn’t seem rude to the driver. See reactions to his post below:

That was how one called me yesterday to describe where he is coming to pick me, I mentioned the name 3 times, he didn’t get it, I asked “where are you?” to know how to describe properly, he said “Na you wan come carry me abi na me wan come carry you?” I kukuma canceled the trip.
Next time say “daddy sir, please don’t be offended. Will you be kind enough to turn on the AC? If yes, I’ll be grateful. If no, I’ll also be grateful. Thanks for your patience.
Some of these guys cnt separate their anger from the biz. They should hld regular trainings for their drivers.
The rating customers give don’t matter anymore
The passenger said the Uber driver decided to turn on the air conditioner when the car was too hot. See his post below:

Have you had similar experience with of these drivers?

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