Cristiano Ronaldo, girlfriend heartbroken after Pepe was injured by car


Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sphynx cat escaped from their home in Italy and was struck by a car – but is on the road to recovery after getting rushed by private jet to a top animal clinic.

The wrinkly Pepe, who was run over in Turin, was flown to Madrid to continue his recovery after being treated in a local vet’s intensive care unit, The Sun reported.

“Pepe has given us a terrible scare. It escaped from home and was run over,” Ronaldo’s stunning gal pal Georgina Rodriguez told the InStyle España.

“It was close to death and after a month and a half in intensive care at the vet’s, we’ve decided my sister Ivana should look after it. Pepe’s now in Spain recovering,” she said.

“Now he’s in the best hands,” Rodriguez added.

The model, who has a 3-year-old daughter with Ronaldo called Alana Martina, is the day-to-day mom of the Juventus club forward’s other three kids.

Ronaldo, 36, a Portuguese soccer phenom who formerly played for Manchester United and Real Madrid, named the cat after a Brazilian teammate.

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