Heartbreaking final photo shows couple who were married for 70 years holding hands in their hospital beds before they both died of Covid just three days apart


A devastating picture has revealed the heartbreaking moment a couple married for 70 years held hands in their hospital beds just before they both died of Covid.

Margaret and Derek Firth, both 91, died in Trafford General Hospital last week – but had been able to see each other in the hospital before they passed away.

The pair, who lived in Partington, were sweethearts since the age of 14. Margaret was originally admitted to Wythenshawe Hospital but later transferred to Trafford.

When Derek was admitted to Wythenshawe at a later time, he was moved to Trafford to be with his wife after doctors feared she didn’t have long to live.

Their daughter Barbara Smith said that when Derek joined Margaret, she asked him ‘where’ve you been?’

‘From then she seemed to get better, it seemed to give her a boost,’ Barbara told the M.E.N. ‘It was quite a sad moment, but it was really lovely that they were both there together.’

Derek died first on January 31, and Margaret passed away three days later.

Both were admitted after suffering with other health issues, but later caught Covid. Explaining the process of how her father was transferred to be with his wife, Barbara said: ‘I got a call to say we’re not happy with her, we think that she may go, would somebody like to visit.

‘And of course, my dad jumped at the chance to go and see her in hospital.’I think that is probably where he has contracted it, but to be honest he probably wouldn’t have had it any other way. There’s no way he wasn’t going to not go and see her.’

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