LL Cool J admits he never imagined his career success as most of his mates never live past 25 with ‘gunshots ringing off’


LL Cool J, real name James Todd Smith, 53, he could never have imagined the career he has had to-date.

In a candid interview with The Binge Guide for Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph on Sunday, the I Need Love hit-maker referenced the violence that was prevalent in his New York hometown at age 25.

‘In my neighbourhood where I grew up, you know, most of us didn’t even think we’d live to be 25,’ he admitted. ‘And that’s not a good thing.’

‘[With] gunshots ringing off and people getting killed over silly stuff’,’ he continued. ‘The answer at that time was I would have never thought I’d get this far.’

Referencing police brutality and institutional racism in the US, LL Cool J said he believes the writers of the police drama are doing a good job in addressing it.

‘I think that what we’re not doing is we’re not trying to force one specific point of view down anyone’s throat, because I think that would be just as wrong as ignoring it,’ he said.

LL Cool J also suggested the storylines, which are based on real issues, are perhaps why the show has been such a hit, in an interview with Forbes in April last year.

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