Mesut Ozil, former Arsenal Star mocks Piers Morgan and he responds


32-year-old Turkish-born German midfielder, Mesut Ozil has reignited his heated rivalry with show host Piers Morgan following his move from Arsenal to Fenerbahce.

Morgan who been one of Ozil’s biggest critics during the latter days of his eight-year spell in north London, has continously described him as  ‘massively overpaid, massively under-performing & ‘having a shockingly overinflated sense of his own importance.’

Despite his move to Fenerbahce, Ozil hasn’t forgotten about the Good Morning Britain co-presenter and took a swipe at him on Twitter. The former Germany international tweeted a picture of himself with ‘Poop on Piers’ toilet paper, saying he took it from London to Istanbul to ‘remind him of Morgan.’

He tweeted;


“Piers, I took this with me from London to Istanbul to remind me of you! Although you probably knew that already before…”

Morgan wasted no time in responding to Ozil and told the former Real Madrid star he is “full of cr*p.”

The show host tweeted;

“Mesut, you’re full of cr*p, so I’m glad to be of much-needed use.”

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