“My kids were mostly educated by YouTube and Reddit” – Elon Musk #Clubhouse

Elon Musk reacts to news that he ‘secretly’ welcomed twins

Elon Musk joined Clubhouse for his first-ever in-person session and the boundaries of the app have already been tested.

Only 5,000 people were in the room and it was live streamed.

Musk initially talked about going gong to Mars and said it was likely to be a “hard” for the early pioneers, but that it would be a matter of keeping the “candle of civilization alive in the dark”.

Asked if he believed in aliens, he said there wasn’t a single piece of conclusive evidence for the existence of aliens, although it’s “quite possible”

Question: What should we educate a 5-year-old about in this world?

Musk talked about how video games engage children, but explaining “the why” was important. “We are programmed to forget the low “probability of things” if they aren’t relevant.

Such as, taking apart an engine and putting them together. We will need tools, so we understand the relevance. It’s better than having a “course of wrenches”

He talked about how his kids have been schooled through Youtube and Reddit.

You will recall that Elon Musk became the 5th richest man in the world in July, 2020


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