Rapper, Method Man’s wife, Tamika Smith blasts Wendy Williams for saying she had a one night stand with her husband


 American rapperMethod Man’s wifeTamika Smith has put Wendy Williams on blast after the TV host claimed she had one-night stand with her husband back in the days. 

Wendy Williams spoke out about the alleged one-night stand with the Wu-Tang Clan member during an interview with DJ Suss One, while discussing her new movie Wendy Williams: The Movie. 

The film depicted the Daytime Emmy nominee’s life from her humble beginnings in New Jersey to her talk show in New York, which premiered in 2008.

She told DJ. Suss One, that the biopic covers everything from her cocaine addiction to her tumultuous marriage with Kevin Hunter. However, Wendy also disclosed that she opted to leave her sexual experience with Method Man out of the production.

She shared, “I smoked a blunt with Method Man while I gave him a bath and it was a one-night stand. He’ll deny it, maybe not. It wasn’t in the movie [her new documentary ] because [he] is still very angry at me… for being me—for telling the truth. It was one night.”

Adding, “We were in the club—a fight broke out and gunshots broke out. The fight was ridiculous. The whole Wu-Tang was there but it was only Meth up in the rafters. And see, that’s where I go to observe everything because I was by myself.”

Williams went on, “He goes, ‘Yo, Wendy!’ Because he’d been on the show before and he was f’d up. I smelled the weed and I had weed but he had better.” Explaining, “He rolled a blunt, we smoked a blunt, we watched the fight, we heard the gunshots, the cops came in… I guess I batted my eyes and rocked my shoulders and I said, ‘You wanna come over?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll follow you.’”

Williams revealed they left the club without anyone realizing and when asked if the pair went all the way, she said; “Yes!”

Now, Tamika Smith has now put Wendy Williams on blast in a lengthy statement, saying it’s an ‘obvious attempt to increase ratings for her sad biopic’ as she’sobsessed with their lives.

The cancer survivor also slammed the talk show host for violating her privacy by revealing her health issues to the public while she was yet to share the news of her diagnosis with her family and friends.

Read her post below.

“For years, I kept my silence while Wendy Williams launched constant verbal attacks against my husband, myself, and our family.” 

“In the past, I ignored her lies, innuendos, and blatant attempts to provoke us. But Wendy has proven again and again that she is incapable of any decency. Her obsession with our lives has reached a new low. And I’m tired of taking the high road.

In an obvious attempt to increase ratings for her sad biopic, her struggling TV show, and her burnt out career, Wendy has once again targeted my husband. It’s a pattern that she has repeated for years. When I was diagnosed with cancer years ago, Wendy shared my personal medical information with her listeners live on the air during her radio broadcast. She didn’t care that she was violating my right to privacy, or that I hadn’t shared the news of my diagnosis with my family and friends yet. She never apologized, never expressed any regret whatsoever.

Despite my anger, I chose not to respond publicly to her unhealthy fixation with my husband and our marriage. It was clear that she was sick, and that she was struggling with a lot of issues including self-hate and low self-esteem. Over the years, those issues have made her increasingly ugly, both inside and out. And no amount of plastic surgery can fix the ugliness inside of her. Instead of using her platform to uplift women, she has spent her career attacking marriages while her own fell apart. 

She criticized celebrities battling addictions despite her own struggles with substance abuse. There’s no limit to how low she will go in the name of making headlines. 

Her career is on life support, her husband has abandoned her, and the ratings for all of her projects are down. She’s desperate for attention, and is trying to use my husband’s popularity as a way to get her name trending. How sad that a woman who was once revered in the entertainment industry has reduced herself to a tabloid sidenote and circus freak! For the record, my marriage is solid, my husband continues to enjoy a successful career, and Wendy will forever be one of the most miserable b*tches on the planet.”

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