10 reasons why you need to get the COVID-19 vaccine


There have been several conspiracy theories surrounding taking the COVID-19 vaccines even before they were discovered. Most of those conspiracy theories were borne out of religious and social factors, as well as outright fake news.

If you still have concerns about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and among those feeling hesitant about getting a COVID-19 vaccine, below are 10 reasons why you should consider getting vaccinated.

  1. To help stop the pandemic
  1. It helps from contracting the virus

  2. Side effects are usually mild, temporary

  3. The vaccines don’t alter DNA

6. To protect and support health services
7. To save time and money
8. To limit drug resistance
9. To restore society to normal
10. To protect future generations
Immunizing ourselves and our children against infectious diseases today is an invaluable gift to future generations. Suppressing diseases in the present will allow people in the future to live longer and healthier lives.
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