Bride looks absolutely stunning on her wedding day without makeup


A bride has wowed online fans after she wedded without makeup and she looks absolutely beautiful in her wedding photos.

Would you love to try this on your wedding day?

See reactions below:


Dear wife, I want to see ur highlights from 2miles away, make the glow blind person, if not I no do again


Beautiful? but it wasn’t this beautiful before d professional photo edits


Awww she’s so beautiful! Slay which ever way you want to on your big day


Beautiful ? but I’m going to makeup on my own wedding day oo my contour and highlights will blind my enemies


She’s beautiful?but it won’t still stop my makeup on my wedding day.


Wo nothing concern me I will do makeup ? na her wahala be that


So Rare, So Lovely?


Just because you did makeup on your wedding doesn’t make you less beautiful, It’s a special day that requires special looks and outfit.. But since she decided to go natural , its her choice. She looks good