Disturbing video shows moment UberEats driver was killed by two teenage girls who tried to steal his car


Disturbing new video footage shows two teenage girls accused of carjacking and killing an UberEats driver speeding off in the man’s car as he hangs off the side of the vehicle before being flung to his death. 

Mohammad Anwar, 66, died on Tuesday after being ejected from his Honda Accord in a violent carjacking in Washington, D.C.

We reported earlier that the father-of-three from Springfield, Virginia, was making deliveries for UberEats when the two teens, aged 13 and 15, approached his car and Tasered him in an attempt to steal the vehicle.

The graphic video clip begins with Anwar attempting to pull one of the suspects out of the driver seat

Graphic new video shared on social media has shown the events leading up to the driver’s tragic death as well as the moment the suspects attempt to run away as he lay motionless on the sidewalk.


The girl then accelerates while Anwar is still hanging off from the left side of the car, sending the vehicle speeding down the road

The Honda flipped on its side after hitting something and causing Anwar to be ejected onto the sidewalk

National Guard troops pulled the girls, ages 13 and 15, from the victim's overturned car. One of them is pictured in an orange sweatshirt just steps away from the victim's body

Watch the video below: