Man with hearing impairment suggest ways Nigerian banks can accommodate deaf people in the banking environment


Twitter user identified by the handle @RichieBokele who claims to be physically challenged (deafness) has presented to Nigerian banks ways to accommodate people with hearing impairment in the banking environment.

The man had initially complained about deaf people not being carried along and in a bid to ameliorate this situation, he suggested 3 ways: 1. The use of queue number machine 2. Sign Language Interpreter 3. the use of text on a dedicated flat-screen TV.

The tweet reads:

“Dear Nigerian Banks, I’m a Deaf Nigerian customer of some of you and therefore thought, after all my ordeals at your branch to bring your attention to some ills and offer practical solutions especially in this time of global pandemic. It is no news that …..

…a lot of us Deafs depends on lip reading when we find ourselves in an environment that is not inclusive. A lot of banks in Lagos ensure strict nose-mask policy which is commendable but we all know that social distancing is not wholly practiced though possible …

Deaf people are disadvantaged, frustrated and sad when we visit the banks to transact and met@with inclusive and insensitive environment and staff. An example is calling names by security staff based on first come-first serve. How do you expect someone who depends on lipreading.. cope. How do you expect us to “hear” the instructions given outside and inside the banks when our own ears are actually our eyes? How do you want us to interact inside the banks without a sign language interpreter ( I know some of us can write on black and white) ….

To overcome this, I have come up with THREE practical solutions that is obtainable in developed countries and that I believe will HELP a lot not only the deafs but other People with Special needs including those without. (1) The use of QUEUE NUMBER MACHINE : this CAN work for..

ALL and sundry. It allow room for social distancing too and help people know their exact number without the risk of borrowing pens and jumping line in the name of “I was here before you”. I have seen this machine being used in Sweden, Ethiopia and Ghana and Nigeria should do too

(2) SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER: Sign language is a very beautiful language, it comes with Deaf culture. And wherever we go seeing that someone can communicate with us makes us happy and we feel among. As a customer one of the CSR should include employing staffs who are skilled .. using Sign Language and very flexible, accommodating, understanding that it is normal to be different and professional. Sign Language is a culture and way of life of millions of people all over the world. This can help greatly.

3: TEXT ( either on screen or on a white board) the use of Text on screen on a dedicated flat screen TV or on. Whiteboard is also preferable. Let it be on record that a lot of of deaf people park their cars outside and a situation whereby security are trying to get someone …..

.. to come and move his car and the person is not hearing the instructions, an on screen text or white board announcement can suffice because Deafness got levels and just because someone is mute doesn’t mean they are the ONLY category of Deaf available. I will be glad to offer..

.. more advice if necessary and I hope by implementing this advice the ordeal we Deaf face while transacting in the bank can be reduced and more inclusive. Thank you.
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