Sunday Igboho is by far the most powerful man in South West Nigeria today. He is doing what God sent him to do – FFK


Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Minister of Aviation, has described Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, as the most powerful man in South West Nigeria.


FFK who shared his opinion via his social media handle, also mentioned that Igboho is canvassing for the rights of the Yorubas and is only doing the work that God has sent him to do in the world.


His post reads


”I will say this once for all to hear.

Chief Sunday Adeyemo (AKA Sunday Igboho) is by far the most popular and powerful man in South Western Nigeria today. He has inspired millions and restored the honor and self-respect of the Yoruba nation.

He has also proved to the doubting Thomas’ that the sons of Oduduwa are not cowards.

His views are simple and clear and he is entitled to them. He does not believe in Nigeria but in Oduduwa Republic and that is his right.

We may not all agree with those views but we will defend his right to hold them.

We may not all accept his methods but, as long as he operates within the law, we have no right to criminalise, demonise, undermine or stop him.

He is not a terrorist, a crimimal or a murderer.

He is a law-abiding Nigerian citizen and businessman who pays his taxes, defends his people and stands up against dangerous murderers and killers that have come from outside our territory to kill our people.

He is not an activist but a freedom fighter, a hero and a liberator of the oppressed who opposes tyranny and the mass murder, ethnic cleansing and enslavement of his people.

Unfortunately there appears to be a well-orchestrated plan and dastardly plot by some identifiable forces and individuals to eliminate him.

The attempt to abduct him like a common criminal in the middle of the road whilst he was on his way to a meeting with our reverred father Papa Ayo Adebanjo just a few days ago by security forces is just one pointer, amongst many others, to this.

They want to silence him at all costs because of what he has been doing, what he believes in and what he stands for.

This must not be allowed to happen. It must not see the light of day. Those behind it must perish the thought because if it does there will be dire, far-reaching and uncontrollable consequences for our entire nation.

If it does there will be a massive and brutal retaliation and Nigeria will be broken.

If it does the quest for Oduduwa Republic will no longer be a peaceful, lawful and constitutional one but it will become a violent and brutal freedom struggle which will lead to an armed struggle and civil war in which millions will die.

If he is killed those behind him will stop talking and writing and instead they will start targetting the enemy and fighting.

No-one will be safe and no-one will escape it.

This is not what I wish for but it is what I see and I pray it never comes to pass. Nevertheless I see and sense it. I perceive it strongly and it scares and worries me.

Igboho is unlike any other hero in Yoruba history. He is special and he is the beloved of the Lord. What he is doing is what God sent him into the world to do. He was carefully crafted and prepared for it.

Nothing must happen to this great, noble and courageous son of Oduduwa who has captured the hearts and minds of over 60 million Yoruba people from all over the world. He must not be killed.

Let me end with the following. Chief Sunday Adeyemo reminds me of Sir William Wallace (1230-1305) the great Scottish leader and warrior who led an armed rebellion against English rule and who inspired the successful quest for Scottish independence.

Even though he fought and defeated the mighty English army successfully on several occassioms and in many battles Wallace was evenrially betrayed by the ruling elite of the same Scotland that he sought to liberate.

They gave him over to their English oppressors and overlords in return for land and title yet eventually his cause still prevailed even though it was after his execution and even though he did not live to see it.

Without William Wallace (Braveheart) there would never have been an independent Scottish nation with its own independent Kings and Queens. Without him Scotland would have forever remained a vassal state of England

Without the efforts and courage of men like Sunday Igboho, Olayomi Koiki and a few others there will never be an Oduduwa Republic.

Happy New month.”