Woman stuns the internet with her ‘bizarre’ way of peeling a pineapple


A woman has stunned the internet with her ‘unconventional’ method for peeling a pineapple.

She posted a Facebook photo of the fruit uncut but fully skinned, with deep spiral indents carved into the flesh.

The method, which is popular across Southeast Asia, is the best way to reduce food wastage from pineapples, large chunks of which are regularly thrown in the bin.

‘This is how I peel my pineapple. My mother-in-law thought I had a special machine,’ she wrote in the caption.

The photo left many aghast, with one woman replying: ‘Can you peel mine? I would definitely lose at least one finger trying to do that!’

Another said: ‘I now wish I had checked social media today, before peeling a pineapple earlier. I love this, have never seen it before.’

But while her approach seemed unusual to some, a few recognised that it is the norm in most Southeast Asian countries.

How to cut a pineapple with minimal waste

1. Trim the outside. Cut off the ends, then stand the pineapple up and cut downward to trim off the skin. You don’t have to cut off all the eyes.

2. Deal with the eyes. With the pineapple on its side, identify a spiral pattern in the eyes. Then, wield your knife at roughly 45-degree angles to cut little wedges and remove lines of the eyes. Make a cut on one side, then the other.

When you’re done with one row, rotate the pineapple and repeat. Let the pineapple’s eyes guide the spiral. Sometimes they disappear and you have to start a new line or even merge two of them.

3. Core and store. You can now cut the pineapple however you like. It is typically quartered lengthways, with the trim cored using an angled cut.

Source: Viet World Kitchen

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