How to get a ‘glass skin’ look without washing your face – TikTok user reveals a shortcut to achieving the high shine look with just four beauty products


A TikTok user has shared a simple hack which can give you the appearance of ‘glass skin’ with just four products.

Canadian make-up fan @gwmakeup shared her method which allowed skincare fanatics to achieve the fashionable look at home.

Canadian make-up user @gwmakeup shared her hack which allowed skincare fanatics to achieve the 'glass skin' look at home

Glass skin is a Korean beauty trend, referring to a smooth, flawless and seemingly transparent complexion, given its name by the way it reflects light. It is usually achieved through a rigorous skincare routine.

Canadian TikTok user uses only four products (above) mixed together to achieve the look

At the beginning of the clip, the make-up artist shows the four products she is going to mix together to get the look – which includes moisturiser, foundation, primer and liquid highlighter.


Experts have frequently spoken about what skincare steps you can take to achieve the look.

Skin which is described as ‘glass’ is when it appears poreless, luminous and translucent.

Achieving the look without makeup requires both a healthy and balanced diet as well as dedication to a skin care routine.

The routine has to be done regularly and includes a lot of steps – as many as 10.

TikTok users pointed out the first step was to have ‘perfect skin’ first, while another said that the hack was ‘wild’.

One user said: ‘First step: Have perfect skin’  Another wrote: ‘First. Treatment and spa every month.’  A third commented: ‘Wow this is wild.’


How to achieve the ‘glass skin’ look

Put a small amount of foundation, moisturiser, primer and liquid highlighter on a palette.

Mix the products together with a silicone brush.

Apply the mixture to your face with a flat foundation brush.

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