Identical twins who were separated at birth reunite after 36 years (Photos)


Twin sisters, who had no idea the other existed, have reunited for their 36th birthday.

Identical twins Molly Sinert and Emily Bushnell were separated at birth in South Korea and adopted by different families.

The siblings spent most of their lives totally unaware of each other’s existence and little information about their birth family.

But after 36 years the two were able to find each other thanks to DNA tests and now they’ve met face-to-face for the first time.

Both twins were adopted by Jewish families in the US when they were just a few months old.


Molly went to live in Florida, while Emily’s family were from Pennsylvania.


The sisters were reunited after Emily’s 11-year-old daughter Isabel set about to find out more about her mum’s family.


She told Good Morning America: “I wanted to do the DNA test because she was adopted.


“I wanted to find out if I had more family on her side.”


Meanwhile halfway across the US, Molly also decided she wanted to take a DNA test to find out more about her history.


Molly said: “I clicked on the close relative and I didn’t understand it.

“[The results said:] ‘You share 49.96% DNA with this person. We predict that she’s your daughter’.

“This is obviously not right because I’ve never gone into labour, I don’t have children.”

It didn’t take long for Molly to figure out the results were connecting to her twin’s daughter.

The sisters were able to chat from afar and shared pictures, but decided not to have a video call until they met in person.

Even though Emily didn’t feel comfortable taking the test, she said finding out she had a twin “immediately filled a hole in her heart”.

She continued: “Although I have family who love me and have been wonderful, there was always a feeling of disconnection.

“Finding out that I had an identical twin sister just made everything so clear. It all makes sense.”

As the twins got to know each other, they found out they are similar in many ways. They both had cats and wore similar dresses, hairstyles and necklaces to prom.


Identical twins who were separated at birth reunite after 36 years


Emily added: “Our senior prom picture… we were both wearing a beaded dress with a strapless style and our hair was exactly the same.

“I realised this is probably one of the many twin moments we’ll discover.”

Speaking of the moment they met, Emily concluded: “This was the happiest moment of my life. I can honestly say that.”

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